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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program

State Resources for COVID-19 Economic Help

Alabama Small Business Development Center

Mississippi Small Business Development Center


Alabama Department of Labor

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

Emergency Income Development Loan

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Paycheck Protection Program Loan

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Fishery Participants Program

(Program is still in development)

Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission will allocate the money based on a state’s “spend plan.”

- A “spend plan” is how each state decides to allocate payments to their eligible participants
- For what a spend plan can include, see Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission

$300 Million to NOAA, divided among Fishery Participants nationwide

  • $3,299,234 to Alabama Fishery Participants
  • $1,534,388 to Mississippi Fishery Participants

Eligible Fishery Participants:

  • commercial fishermen
  • charter businesses
  • marine aquaculture operations
  • subsistence/cultural/ceremonial users
  • seafood processors, and
  • other fishery-related businesses


  • Vessel repair
  • Restaurants
  • Seafood retailers

Section 12005 of the CARES Act

Other Resources

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(Provides up to six months in help with mortgage payments)

Mississippi Childcare Crisis: Assistance in Isolation Plan

General Assistance for Alabama Residents and Businesses

CARES Act Business Loans, Compared

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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program