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Water Log

A Legal Reporter of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

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Water Log 34.3 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 34.3 in pdf August, 2014

  • Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Challenges Sea Lion Placement Process
  • Water Withdrawal Permitting: Not a "Taking" of the Endangered Whooping Crane
  • BP and Anadarko Petroleum Liable for Civil Penalties under the Clean Water Act
  • Wild Alligators: When are They a Private Nuisance?
  • New Economic Impact Analysis of Mississippi's Offshore Drilling Program Ordere
  • 2014 Alabama Legislative Update
  • 2014 Mississippi Legislative Update

    Water Log 34.2 in New Dynamic Version
    Water Log 34.2 in pdf June, 2014

  • Alabama Adopts New Shellfish Aquaculture Rule
  • Water Wars: The Battle Rages On
  • Deepwater Horizon Update: A Snapshot of Recent Rulings
  • In The Dark: Goods Lost in Transit under the Carmack Amendment to the Interstate Commerce Act
  • Federal Court Tosses Gulf Red Snapper Rules
  • Congress Adopts New Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Court Declines to Declare Riparian Rights in Smith Lake

Water Log 34.1 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 34.1 in pdf March, 2014

  • Florida's Oyster Industry Continues to Struggle
  • Dealing with the Dead Zone: District Court Forces EPA to Decide Whether to Regulate Nutrient Pollution in the Mississippi River
  • Regulating Water Withdrawals on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • Development of Offshore Wind in the United States and Gulf of Mexico: 2013 Update
  • Flood Insurance Reform: Mississippi Sues FEMA Over Policy Changes
Water Log 33.4 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 33.4 in pdf November, 2013

  • Not in My Back Yard: Restrictions on Wind Farms in Baldwin County, Alabama
  • Flood Insurance Subsidies Begin Phase Out: Mississippi Sues
  • Louisiana Levee Litigation Brings the Importance of Wetland Loss to Light
  • Aquifer Regulation in Texas Leads to Takings
  • Neighborhood Lake Causes Sinkhole: Homeowners Association Liable for Damages

Water Log 33.3 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 33.3 in pdf August, 2013

  • Alligator Infestation: When Should a Property Owner Reasonably Discover It?
  • The Flooding of White Oak Bayou: Did Harris County, Texas Take Private Property?
  • Corps and Tribe Clash Over Everglades Flood Control
  • 2013 Alabama Legislative Update
  • Citizen Suit Utilized to Force Alabama Prison into Compliance

Water Log 33.2 in New Dynamic Version

Water Log 33.2 in pdf May, 2013

  • Preventing the Taking of the Endangered Whooping Crane
  • 2013 Mississippi Legislative Update
  • Coastal Residents Brace for Impact of Flood Insurance Reform
  • Fifth Circuit Reverses Contempt Finding in Drilling Moratorium Litigation
  • Designation of Gopher Frog Habitat Faces Legal Challenge
  • Comer Litigation Heads to the Fifth Circuit: Will the Third be the Charm?

Water Log 33.1 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 33.1 in pdf March, 2013

  • Is a Houseboat a Vessel? U.S. Supreme Court Applies New Test for Floating Homes
  • Court Revokes Wetlands Fill Permit in Turkey Creek Watershed
  • Environmental Group Says Fine Imposed on Developer Is Too Low
  • Courts Continue to Deal with Deepwater Horizon Aftermath
  • Supreme Court Ruling Maintains Water Transfer Rule
  • Koontz and Decker: A Supreme Court Preview


Water Log 32.4 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 32.4 in pdf December, 2012

  • Tri-State Water Wars Continue as Florida Sees Declining Oyster Populations
  • Government Immune from MRGO Flood Damage Claims
  • Alabama Courts Consider the Ebb and Flow of Surface Water Rights
  • What's the Damage? Examining the "Pure Stigma Claims" of Gulf Coast Property owners in In re Oil Spill by the Oil Rig Deepwater Horizon
  • Mississippi Court Awards Contested Beach to Private Landowners
  • Alabama Supreme Court Rules on Riparian Rights


Water Log 32.3 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 32.3 in pdf August, 2012

  • Louisiana Extends State Coastal Boundaries in the Gulf
  • Congress Passes the RESTORE Act
  • Landmark MARPOL Vessel Surveyor Conviction
  • Supreme Court to Decide If Temporary Flooding Is a Taking
  • Gulf Dead Zone Prompts Call for Stricter CWA Regulations
  • Offshore Drilling Moves Forward Despite Litigation


Water Log 32.2 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 32.2 in pdf May, 2012

  • Is Offshore Drilling on Mississippi's Horizon?
  • MRGO Flood Damage Litigation: Fifth Circuit Scrutinizes Governmental Immunity
  • EPA's Veto of Yazoo Pump Project Upheld on Appeal
  • BP Oil Spill Litigation Roundup
  • Kemper County Coal Plant: The Mississippi Supreme Court Weighs In
  • Groundwater Ownership Rights and the Edwards Aquifer Authority
  • Texas Supreme Court Restricts Open Beaches Act


Water Log 32.1 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 32.1 in pdf March, 2012

  • Flood Insurance All Washed Up?
  • Battle Continues Over Florida's Water Quality Standards
  • Oil Spill MDL: Update
  • BP Settles Portion of Claims
  • Property Owners Dispute Harbor and Marina Construction
  • Court Rules on Kemper County Project
  • Mississippi/Alabama Legislative Update


Water Log 31.4 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 31.4 in pdf November, 2011

  • Clean Water Act Violations Lead To Fish Kill
  • Dispersant Manufacturers May Face Personal Injury
  • Oil Spill MDL: Punitive Damage Claims Allowed
  • Waterfront Property Owners Lose Takings Claim
  • Citizen Suit Leads to Wetlands Restoration
  • Court Upholds Injunction Halting Beachfront Sidewalk

Water Log 31.3 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 31.3 in pdf August, 2011

  • Georgia Battles Back in Tri-State Water Wars
  • Oil Spill MDL Dismisses Environmental Claims
  • Gulf Offshore Drilling Leases Under Fire
  • Fifth Circuit Rejects New CAFO Rule
  • Gulfport Sues Secretary of State Over Harbor Control
  • Comer is Back: Mississippi Residents Re-file Climate
    Change Lawsuit
  • Telling Fish Tales Criminalized in Texas
Water Log 31.2 in New Dynamic Version
Water Log 31.2 in pdf May, 2011

  • EPA’s Veto of the Yazoo Pump Project Upheld 
  • Dept. of Interior Held in Contempt over Drilling Moratorium
  • Citizens and County Take Coastal Highway A1A Dispute
    to Court 
  • Owners of Mineral Estates Denied Access in Padre Island National Seashore 
  • City of Jackson Not Liable for Sewage Damages Under the MTCA
Water Log 31.1 February, 2011
  • Landmark Climate Change Lawsuit Heads to the Supreme Court
  • Florida Sues EPA over New Water Protection Standards
  • Texas Court Lifts Injunction and Allows Subdivision Construction
  • Mississippi Court Reviews Public Access to Paw Paw Island
  • Presidential Oil Spill Commission Makes Case for Reform
  • 2010 Mississippi Legislative Update
  • 2010 Alabama Legislative Update

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