Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant works to protect, enhance and restore coastal ecosystems. Many of MASGC’s research projects and outreach activities include working with resource managers. MASGC provides them with the tools they need to make management decisions.

Rapid coastal development, greater demands on fisheries resources, climate change and other human activities are leading to decreased water quality, changes to fish populations, wetlands loss and a host of other environmental impacts. MASGC promotes ecosystem-based management, which focuses on the whole ecosystem and not just one species at a time, to maintain vital habitats and inform restoration efforts. 

MASGLP supports the work of MASGC in this area by providing legal research, education, and outreach on laws and policies addressing habitat restoration and ecosystem based management.

Living Shorelines

The current trend in Mississippi and Alabama is to install hard structures, such as bulkheads, seawalls or rip-rap on the shoreline to protect waterfront coastal property from erosion. Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant supports the use of living shorelines, in many circumstances, instead of bulkheads to control shoreline erosion.

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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program