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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program

Green Infrastructure Research

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium issued a grant to University of Mississippi researchers to analyze technical, financial, and legal barriers to implementing green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). The research is being conducted by two engineers and a lawyer at UM in partnership with two coastal municipalities, Biloxi, MS and Orange Beach, AL.

The performance of GSI in runoff reduction was assessed via computer modeling for different types of green infrastructure, such as grassy ditches, permeable pavement, and rain gardens. The study used a site from each city: a commercial site in Biloxi, and a residential housing development in Orange Beach. The analysis was done by performing rainfall-runoff analysis with several GSI options combined with traditional stormwater control practices. All of the GSI options were consistent with existing city ordinances. The results for the GSI performance are presented in this first report.

The research aims to help coastal cities become more resilient to flooding by improving their stormwater management practices on a site-by-site basis. Additional research continues, including assessing the life-cycle costs and benefits of GSI and how to develop model ordinances to promote cost-effective GSI.

Download Report: Determining Implementation Barriers for Green Infrastructure for Coastal Flood Control

Download Executive Summary Presentation: How Green Infrastructure Can Reduce Stormwater Runoff in Northern Gulf Communities

Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program